Conquer “Financial Stacking”

financial-stackingIn a recent editorial for the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), Brent Neiser commented on “Financial Stacking: A Modern American Burden.” He wrote:

Myriad choices, opportunities, and expectations generated by the financial services industry, media, advertisements, experts, employers—and even family and friends—create an amassment of jumbled priorities that often leads to inaction, frustration, and despair. (more…)

Beneficiary of a Trust? What You Need to Know

trust-imageIf you have been named as a beneficiary of a trust, you probably have many questions about what comes next. Trusts can take many forms and may be governed by unique provisions established by the creator of the trust or “grantor.” As a trust beneficiary, you have certain rights. But to ensure that your financial and other interests are fully protected, you need some basic information about different trust structures and their management. (more…)

What Your Family Needs to Know

older-couple-with-daughter-papersIn “Do Your Family a Favor: Get Organized,” an informative article available at, the author reminds us that there are many practical issues not addressed by basic estate planning documents.

For example, after you die will your loved ones know whether or not you want a funeral or a memorial service? Will they know whether you want to be honored with flowers or donations to specific charities? Will they know who you want to be notified about your death? Will they know where to locate the original copies of your will or living trust? How about your bank and investment accounts, will your loved ones know where to find your financial records? (more…)

Choosing a Retirement Location

retirement-chairsBaby boomers are going to retire differently than their parents did. Americans are living longer, healthier lives — a fact that is reflected in our notions of what it means to retire. Now, instead of a complete cessation of work, Americans view retirement as a gradual transition into another lifestyle.

Some retirees may go back to school, start their own businesses, or work part time. Others will tackle those home improvement projects they’ve been putting off for decades or volunteer their time and talent for causes they care about. Still others will fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing what the world has to offer. Whatever the coming generation of retirees decides to do, where they decide to do it will be of the utmost importance. (more…)

Women & Financial Conversations

spouses-talking-moneyA recent study of women’s financial behavior indicates that initiating important financial conversations is key to achieving and securing financial well-being. Whether talking with spouses/partners, parents, or children, women who take the lead in discussing sensitive financial issues are better prepared to meet the challenges of life circumstances and events. (more…)