How Much Money is “Enough?”

When it comes to real estate, we are told it is all about location, location, location. When it comes to money, we are told we need more, more, more. However, this begs the question, “How much is enough?” Through the use of our personal investment management strategies and individual financial planning, we can help you answer this question; for yourself and your family.

The messages we receive every day, from radio, television, and all over the internet teaches us to focus on always striving for “More.” But, how much is enough? How much is enough to eliminate the fear of running out of money? How much is enough for us to relax and be happy? (more…)

3 Boosts for Your 2019 Goals

Financial planning starts with goal setting.  Here are 3 “power boosts” that I have found useful personally and in my financial planning practice.


“The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.” – Earl Nightingale

The primary reason that we fail to achieve our goals is that we choose the wrong goals, according to author and coach Martha Beck.  We imagine situations (wealth, fame) rather than experiences and direct ourselves toward unintended consequences.  We may set a goal to make more money, thinking that wealth will offer security, but end up so focused on work that we destroy the security of our closest relationships and find that it’s not money that makes us feel secure. (more…)

Creating The Life Of Your Dreams: Crafting Powerful Goals for 2019

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help that story by setting goals.” Melody Beatty

For some of us goal-setting feels like a chore or even pointless, especially if we have failed to achieve our goals in the past. Or we might want to avoid the pressure of living up to our dreams.

Once we admit (even to ourselves) what we really want, we can’t go back to our prior state of denial. We will feel compelled to take action or suffer with our feelings of powerlessness. (more…)

401k Fees Revealed

“Retirement plan providers have been overcharging investors for decades – creating a huge drag on returns. But new rules on fee disclosure should help drive down costs,” writes Scott Cendrowsku in a recent Fortune Magazine article, Is Your 401k Ripping You Off.

What the new 401k rules will mean to you

If you have ever wondered how much you are paying for your 401k Plan, now you will be able to find out. The new 401k rules, which will take effect on August 30, 2012, require your employer to disclose all 401k fees, including plan administration, investment management and mutual fund marketing fees. In some plans the total can top 3% of your account value annually! In the past these fees have been buried in small print documents. Now all 401k participants will receive a detailed statement disclosing all charges. (more…)

Finances are a Major Cause of Stress in Relationships

A recent nationwide telephone survey from Harris Interactive, conducted for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), has found that finances have become the most common cause of strife among couples in the US. To the surprise of no one, over 25% of married or co-habiting couples stated that the reason for most arguments between partners is a disagreement about money.

The survey further showed that money matters cause more arguments between couples than disagreements over work, friends, household chores – even raising children. At Tamarind Financial Planning, we believe that a personal finance plan can alleviate much of the stress between couples which are caused by money matters. (more…)

Take 3: The three pros even DIY’ers need on their team

I have a neighbor who is a big do-it-yourselfer. He cleans his gutters every spring, prunes his rose bushes and replaces his front porch light.

I’m always impressed by people who fearlessly tackle any task.  But even my neighbor knows when to summon the pros. He called in contractors to install a new garage door and to repave his driveway.

If you’re a DIYer for tax returns and investment decisions, that’s great. You’re taking charge of your future. Still, it’s always wise to have a stable of professionals you can call on for expert advice. Like my neighbor, knowing when a task is beyond your ability is, truly, the hallmark of a smart DIYer.

Here are three people you’ll want to have on your team to watch your back and protect your assets. Together, they’ll give you unparalleled peace of mind. (more…)