Resilience and Transition

Resiliency is a personal characteristic that can help you navigate life in the uncertain sea of change.  It is a trait and a skill that will help you to overcome challenges and grab hold of the opportunities that you encounter along your life’s journey.

Resiliency also describes your ability to “bounce back” from loss, disappointment, or other difficult circumstances.  Those who are resilient don’t give up and have a positive outlook even when experiencing trials and tribulations. (more…)

Testing Your Strengths

 “We have repeatedly found that those who pursue all three domainspleasure, engagement, and meaninghave by far the most life satisfaction, with engagement and meaning far and away the biggest contributors to fulfillment.

Martin Seligman

The American Psychological Association (APA) expects each incoming president to pick a theme for his or her yearlong term. When University of Pennsylvania psychologist Martin Seligman was elected to that office in 1998, he knew exactly where he wanted to draw the attention of APA members. (more…)

Asking the Right Questions

A world of questions is a world of possibility. Questions open our minds, connect us to each other, and shake outmoded paradigms.

Marilee Adams

 In Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, author Marilee Adams describes her vision of how individuals, families, institutions, and communities can be transformed by the “spirit of inquiry”: (more…)

A World our Questions Create

Jacqueline Kelm believes that we live in a world our questions create. In her book Appreciative Living, she writes, “The internal and external questions we ask steer our thinking, attention, and images in one direction or another which in turn directs decisions and creates our experience.”

Most of us realize how important questions are in our daily interactions—it seems we are continually either asking a question or responding to a question. What we are less aware of are the questions that we continually ask ourselves. (more…)

Recommended Reading: Simplify & Empower Your Financial Life

simplifyThree recently published books aim to simplify and empower your financial life.  Each one is chocked full of useful and actionable advice, and grounded in down-to-earth wisdom.   

In addition, each author steers clear of beating the market advice in favor of a very personal, comprehensive, and holistic approach to achieving “true wealth.”

Individually, each book is a standout and will point the way to an enlightened approach to mastering personal finance.  Together, these books will revolutionize the way you think about your money.  The message they share is that your financial future should be built on a clear understanding of your values and priorities. (more…)

Are You Happy?

happy-man-sad-manIn The How of Happiness, research psychologist and professor Sonja Lyubomirsky provides a comprehensive guide to understanding that nebulous and elusive state of being called “happiness.” Her pioneering research has revealed that a genetic set point accounts for 50 percent of our happiness while only 10 percent can be attributed to our life circumstances and situations. That leaves 40 percent of our capacity for happiness within our power to change. (more…)