Financial Freedom

Do you feel confused about where to start your personal finance plan?

Are you overwhelmed by the financial decisions you need to make?

Would you like to focus your cash flow on your most cherished goals?

Are you eager to start a financial plan but are not sure how to do it?

Are you ready to create an investment strategy for retirement?



Financial Freedom for Busy Families

We work exclusively with Bay Area families who want to meet their financial life goals; professionals who realize they no longer have a lifetime to fund their retirement, save for their children’s college education, or set aside funds to help care for their aging parents. We know you’re busy with parenting, work, and life. We know you’ve realized it is time to get serious about your financial goals.

We’re here to make money matters easier and help you achieve financial serenity with a personal financial plan and customized, personal investment management.

Why should you choose Tamarind Financial Planning?

First, because we live the life you live, that of busy Bay Area professionals and parents, we understand the need for a comprehensive, personal financial plan to achieve financial freedom and to reach your financial life goals. Second, with nearly two decades of financial planning and finance coaching experience to draw upon, we possess the skills and expertise to help you make smart financial choices. Third, we’ve made it our mission in life to help busy families like yours to reach their financial goals, simplify their lives, and achieve the peace of mind and serenity we know is possible for them.

We use our experience, training, and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals, giving you confidence you are on the right path to achieve financial freedom

  • You and your spouse or partner will gain clarity about your family’s financial values and priorities.
  • You will learn to make financial decisions with a new-found assurance and ease.
  • When your investments are in order, you’ll sleep better and feel better.
  • You will discover the freedom to go for it, seeking your passion and creating a more fulfilling life.
  • You will be free to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

If you would like more information on how to achieve financial freedom and reach your financial life goals, or for more information on your own personal financial plan and personal investment management, please download your free copy of our Services Guide. If you live in the San Mateo area, get in touch with us today for your FREE Personal Financial Planning Consultation.