Resiliency is a personal characteristic that can help you navigate life in the uncertain sea of change.  It is a trait and a skill that will help you to overcome challenges and grab hold of the opportunities that you encounter along your life’s journey.

Resiliency also describes your ability to “bounce back” from loss, disappointment, or other difficult circumstances.  Those who are resilient don’t give up and have a positive outlook even when experiencing trials and tribulations.

Here are more characteristics of resilient people:

  1. They feel good about themselves, and their self-esteem is rarely affected by the criticism or negative opinions of others.
  2. They are emotionally stable and are not easily “rattled” in stressful situations.
  3. Even in difficult situations, they never give up.
  4. They stay in control of the direction their lives are taking.

It is also important to understand that making successful transitions requires resilience.  We all encounter both expected and unexpected changes in every area of life.  However, those who possess both practical strategies and emotional fortitude will adapt more easily and make the most of new situations and circumstances.

In the world of music, the “passing note” is a note that is not part of a particular chord, but is placed between two chords to provide a smooth melodic transition from one to the other.  Likewise, it is important to recognize ways that you as an individual can act as a “passing note” in your own life by nurturing your resilience and facilitating successful life transitions.

Reprinted by permission of Money Quotient, NP

Image Copyright: gustavofrazao / 123RF Stock Photo