Market Trends Affecting Your Portfolio

By Daniel Campbell, CFA

If I told you that we’d have a partial breakup of the European Union, a contested U.S. election, an economic contraction, and a global pandemic over the course of a year, would you expect the stock market to be up or down? Most of us might guess that the markets would be down (probably significantly). Few may have predicted that the markets would continue to set record highs. But that was 2020: a year of the unprecedented. Britain left the European Union, the first country ever to do so. The U.S. election was hotly contested, bringing out a record number of voters. And the defining event of 2020 – a global pandemic – upended normal life. Best-case scenario, it only changed the way we work, travel and connect with family and friends. (more…)

Our Bond with Bonds: Even in a Low-Interest-Rate World

By Jonathan Scheid, CFA, AIF®

Investing is a series of trade-offs. Every one of us has a finite amount of money, and we must determine how much we want to put where. Placing a large portion of our money in stocks means we might have tremendous upside potential, but it also means we won’t be able to put a lot of money in the cash and bonds that help stabilize some of the ups and downs of stocks. Placing all our money in cash and bonds might not get us the growth we need to meet our financial life goals. (more…)