Five Reasons Life Insurance Is A Critical Tool To Provide For A Child With Special Needs

By Brad Elman

protect-childAs soon as we become parents, we’re focused on—and understandably a bit obsessed with—protecting our kids. We swaddle them to shield them from a chill, and we buckle them up in the stroller and car.

That urge to safeguard our children never ends, no matter how old they get. For parents of kids with special needs, that urge to protect is nothing short of fierce, because we know that our kids will be relying on us for their whole lives … and even after we’re gone.


Why Kids Reject Our Help

By Cynthia Klein

When I learned about communication blocks as an Active Parenting Course instructor, my life changed. I realized that if I didn’t take some responsibility for my daughter’s, husband’s, or other people’s negative reactions to what I said that I wouldn’t be able to improve my relationships. The more I took responsibility for learning how to build bridges to better understanding rather than barriers or blocks, the more I could create connected and close interactions. (more…)

You Should Be a Lawyer!

By Cynthia Klein

mother-and-teen“Why do you have to argue about everything I ask you to do? Why can’t you just cooperate nicely for once? You make everything so difficult.”

If your child has turned into a member of the debate team, then you are experiencing their prefrontal cortex, the logical brain, at work. Your “argumentative” child is exercising and practicing their reasoning and judgment skills. So next time your child doesn’t easily comply, try to think to yourself, “The brain is developing right now. How marvelous.”


Defining Your Legacy of Values

valuesHow do middle-age and older adults currently define “leaving a legacy”? This was the central question of a recent study that examined the attitudes, hopes, and concerns of baby boomers and their elders (Allianz American Legacies Pulse Survey, 2012).

A key finding was that these two generations view legacies as being much more than wealth. In fact, the transfer of wealth is now seen as just one of four components that comprise a successful legacy plan: (more…)

Parenting as an Ally, Not an Adversary

Guest Post by Cynthia Klein, Certified Parent Educator, Coach, Speaker, Author

When I work with parents, I present an approach I call being your children’s ally. You  set limits and expectations in a manner that usually feels like you are on their side. They can still get upset when their needs are blocked. Yet ultimately, they feel your love and support.

I’m in the process of writing a book that will give you a big selection of new thoughts and phrases so you can start to be an ally rather than an adversary. Below is a skit which is a sample of what you will find in my book. The parenting approach still applies whether you have a teenager or a school-aged child. (more…)

Build Family Harmony with Discipline

Guest Post by Cynthia Klein, Certified Parent Educator, Coach, Speaker, Author

This article was published in the February 2014 Parenting on the Peninsula Magazine authored by Cynthia Klein, Certified Parent Educator

Each parent-child conflict gives us an opportunity to either teach our children, or to try to control our children. When we use discipline parenting strategies we are approaching the conflict as a teachable moment; an opportunity for our children to learn important life skills. When our children learn how to resolve conflicts, the joyful result will be a more harmonious family. (more…)