If you’re lamenting the loss of brighter evenings when Daylight Savings Time begins Nov. 4, you can at least take solace in an hour of sleep.

Or perhaps you’d like to use that extra hour to do some financial housekeeping. (And honestly, you can tackle a few of these high-yield tasks any time this fall. They don’t take long to do, but come 2019, you’ll be glad you got them out of the way now.)

Tax planning

No, it’s not exciting. But you might as well do before the winter holidays start in earnest. If you’re making quarterly tax payments, your last one is due Jan. 15. Check in with your tax advisor for a year-end tax projection and any year-end moves like charitable giving or additional tax withholding and retirement plan contributions.

Cash flow planning

Holiday spending and travel have the potential to take an unexpectedly large bite out of your savings, so make sure that you’ve budgeted to cover that final payment.

Financial planner appointment

If it’s been a while since we touched base, let’s meet. We can review your financial plan and investments and make tweaks or big changes as needed. Feeling confident about your financial future is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Click here for my online scheduler.

Estate planner

Any big changes in your world—a new baby, a divorce, a death, a home purchase—should trigger a review of your estate plan. Even smaller changes, such as a minor’s coming of age, might merit a fresh look. Schedule an appointment with your estate planner to make sure your will, trust and other documents reflect your wishes and needs.

Flexible spending expenses

Eye doctors and dentists are swamped in December as their patients hustle to spend the funds they’ve accumulated during the year in their flexible-spending accounts. Book appointments now, and if you need to be reimbursed from your dependent care account for summer camps or daycare costs, take care of that paperwork too.

Automate your savings

Amazon is happy to send you diapers or detergent on a regular schedule so you never run out. Your credit card company allows you automate your payments. You can do the same for your savings or investments. Have a percentage of your paycheck or a set amount of money channeled to savings or investments each month or pay period. This is also a painless strategy for funding your children’s 529 plans or your 401(k).

Think about 2019

Is a kitchen remodel on your radar? Will you be sending a teen off to college or welcoming a new baby? How about buying a car or paying off your mortgage? Or perhaps it will be the year that you hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand. Whatever is coming your way, make sure your savings and investment strategy is aligned with that goal. If you’re stuck or not sure, I’m here to help.

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