In this time of great difficulty, unfortunately some people are trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities.  Schwab has issued the following statement:

Schwab advice to help defend against increased cyber fraud activity amid COVID-19 fears

As the public’s demand for information about the pandemic remains high, criminals are seeking to take advantage, turning common information searches into information theft. Be aware of the latest activities and make sure you are implementing additional precautions to protect yourself.

  • Outbreak maps. Malicious actors have begun spreading malware through online maps claiming to track the impact of coronavirus. As users visit the sites or click the links, they are exposing usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, browsing history, or other nonpublic personal information that is then exploited by the attackers or sold to other criminals on the dark web. Check links and sources carefully before clicking.
  • Email campaigns. Criminals are also leveraging common forms of fraud like spam email campaigns, using infected attachments or downloads to gather information. Do not click links without close attention to who it is coming from.
  • Charitable giving. Scammers may pose as claiming to need funds for charitable contributions or expenses related to the virus. Be on guard for sudden or urgent requests for funds – and be aware of the risk of falling victim to such schemes. Again, verify sources and exercise extra vigilance at this time.

It’s important to stay watchful during these uncertain times. Avoid unknown links and visiting new websites that could be operated by criminals. Verbally verify any suspicious financial transaction emails you may receive.

As always, we make your privacy a main goal and are here to help you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!