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For over two decades, Emilie R. Goldman, CFA, CFP®, has been using her financial planning skills, training, and experience to help Bay Area families and individuals make smart choices about their financial lives.
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A financial plan is a road map to financial freedom for busy families. It is the route by which you plan for your children’s college education, fund your retirement, help to fund the future care of aging parents and – most importantly – discover how to live the life you’ve dreamed of living.
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Kids Need Money Mentors

Kids Need Money Mentors

With the level of consumer debt skyrocketing and the cost of housing, education, and health care increasing at double digit rates, younger generations are facing unprecedented challenges to achieving economic security and financial independence.  Therefore, helping...

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A New Perspective on Risk Tolerance

A New Perspective on Risk Tolerance

When you are making an investment decision, do you intentionally weigh the potential risks and rewards?  Is weighing that balance more of a rational or emotional process for you?  In other words, do you tend to rely more on facts or on feelings? For investors, “risk”...

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