Who We Serve

Providing inspired fee-only advice to Bay Area families since 2011

We serve clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo, San Carlos, Redwood City, Palo Alto and San Francisco as well as clients across the US.

Silicon Valley Families

 Silicon Valley’s robust economy provides inspired career opportunities and lucrative salary packages and benefits. Yet there’s a downside, too: Layoffs, mergers, pivots, startup failures and age and gender discrimination can affect your job security and earning potential. Are you financially prepared for these worst-case scenarios?

Perhaps you dream of a lengthy sabbatical or early retirement. Maybe you’ve considered abandoning Silicon Valley because its pace and values are at odds with your priorities. Your goal is simple: Align your values and financial choices to achieve the freedom to spend your time on what really matters to you. 

Divorced and Widowed Women

With your divorce behind you, you are now ready to explore new possibilities for your life and your finances. If you’ve been widowed, you’re now the sole person handling the assets you and your spouse spent decades accumulating.

Whether divorced or widowed, you are responsible for your financial future, and you want to make smart decisions. You’ll benefit from expert guidance as you consider your long-term investment strategy and ensure that your assets will cover your immediate and future needs.

Retirement Readiness

You may be ready to retire, but you’d first like to be sure you’ll be living the life you’ve envisioned. Does your financial plan take into account your dreams and the potential for  uncertainties in the years ahead?

Let us help you explore how various decisions—such as selling a Bay Area home and moving to another state—will affect your finances and plans. We can also advise you as you determine how Medicare, Social Security and various tax scenarios can impact your long-term plans.